AV Realty Client Testimonials

I've worked with Ken Olivera at AV Realty since 2008.  He has found tenants for us on multiple occasions, helped us rehab our properties between tenants, and most recently, sold one of our properties.  In all that time, and through all of those projects and transactions, Ken has been personable and professional.  You can pay a lot more for the kind of services AV Realty offers (I have), but you won't get better service.

Dennis Wolfers

Most investors believe the key to property management is collecting the rent.  I had a number of past property managers who think this is their job.  But I can collect the rent.  What I need help with is: protecting my asset.

How do you protect someone's asset?

  1. Screening tenants and placing the correct tenant in the property.
  2. Inspecting the property while tenants are in place to assure the property is not damaged.
  3. Keeping up to date with current rents in prospective areas.
  4. And, having the qualified but reasonable help to turn the property when vacant.

I am an absentee landlord in the Sacramento area and have had many property managers, good and bad through 40 years of investing.  I recommend Ken Olivera as not only does he accomplish all of the listed, but is flexible and will work with the investor.  If I want to clean and paint, he will assist me in getting discounts on paint.

My last rental vacancy had long term tenants and need much upgrading.  We cleaned and painted the interior, but Ken had a handyman fix all of the interior and exterior issues, located window replacement services, exterior painting and landscaping and flooring.

When we finally put the home on the internet, I had a tenant in place and paying within 10 days.

Linda C. Bailey
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

As a heating and air contractor I have an extensive back ground in dealing with property management companies in the Sacramento area.  A.V. Realty, is my absolute favorite!  Dealing with a professional like Ken has been a pleasure.  He is knowledgeable in all aspects of property management (legal or otherwise).  I have been working with Ken for 8 yrs. now and you can rest easy knowing Ken has a list of trust worthy, loyal contractors he can consult when problems arise.  He always asks all the right questions so that he may pass it along to the home owner with their best interest in mind.  Further more he will answer his phone after hours, a nice personal touch that not all property managers provide.

Two years ago I purchased my first rental.  Of course Ken is my property manager, he is also a good friend.

David Rankin
Absolute Comfort Heating and Air
(916) 224-7159